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2 mistakes to avoid if you are on probation in Maryland

On Behalf of | Mar 5, 2024 | Parole & Probation

If you are convicted of certain crimes, the court might place you on probation rather than fining or sending you to prison. Of course, this is a more lenient sentence. However, it is never easy.

If you are placed on probation, you will be required to adhere to strict rules. A violation of your probation terms can lead to serious consequences like jail time.

There are two types of probation:

  • Supervised probation is where you are assigned a probation officer to monitor your compliance with the conditions set forth by the court.
  • Unsupervised probation is where no officer is assigned to oversee your probation or monitor your compliance with the terms of the probation.

There are various ways you could violate your probation terms:

1. Missing your appointment with the probation officer or the court

During a supervised probation period, you may be required to show up in court or meet your probation officer. Missing these appointments amounts to a violation. For instance, if you miss your court hearing, the judge might revoke your probation and issue an arrest warrant just as they would if you were out on bail.

2. Committing another crime

One of the most crucial terms of either kind of probation is that you must never commit another crime while you are on probation. Doing so, even if the crime in question is unrelated to what you are on probation for, can land you in serious trouble.

Probation is, in and of itself, a sentence. As such, it’s important that you take it seriously. Find out how proper legal representation can help if you are accused of violating your probation terms.