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What are some frequent parole violations?

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2023 | Parole & Probation

When someone gets released on parole, they are given a set of instructions that they need to follow. If they do not, this is a violation of the conditions of their parole and can have legal consequences. They may have to return to prison, so this can have a severe impact on the person’s life.

As a result, anyone who is on parole needs to be very sure that they understand the exact stipulations of that agreement. It’s going to be different from case to case. Below are four common violations to help show how this works.

Criminal activity

Generally, parole is going to require that people refrain from any criminal activity. This means that even a simple arrest for something like driving under the influence could be a parole violation.

Substance abuse

In many cases, those on parole are not allowed to use substances at all. This can include alcohol but also includes marijuana and controlled substances.

Missing a meeting

Often, a person who is on parole has to go to regular meetings where they check in with their parole officer. Missing one of these meetings can be a violation of those terms, even if the person has not committed any other crimes.

Changing addresses

It is not illegal to change addresses when someone is on parole. However, the parole officer should be immediately notified. If someone moves without telling their officer, this too can be a violation of those terms.

Defense options

Have you been accused of a crime or perhaps of violating the conditions of your parole? This can have a major impact on your life, so be very sure that you understand the legal defense options at your disposal.