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3 proactive steps after false domestic violence accusations

On Behalf of | Aug 21, 2023 | Domestic Violence

When a spouse or domestic partner feels scorned or mistreated by you, they can inflict a lot of damage on your reputation or even your way of life. One way they may do so is to claim you abused or harmed them.

Of course, you want to set the record straight, but you must be cautious about your conduct, especially if formally charged with domestic violence. If you want to adopt a proactive approach to protecting yourself, consider taking the steps outlined below:

1. Explore your defense options

Under Maryland law, many acts qualify as domestic violence, and a conviction could result in harsh consequences. An ideal early step is to explore your options for a defense. That’s also the best way to get guidance about what steps to take next. 

2. Avoid social media

Now is not the time to use Facebook or Instagram to convince others that you did nothing wrong. The wrong turn of phrase or expression of frustration could paint an inaccurate picture of you. Remember that anything you post can be used against you in court. It’s also important to remember that even contacting your accuser via social media could be a violation of a protective order or be considered harassment.

3. Change logins and passwords

Before you abandon your social media accounts (until you resolve the matter), consider changing your passwords. Doing so can prevent your accuser from manipulating your posts and status updates as a means of manufacturing evidence.

No matter what, remember that a strong defense can help you avoid the legal consequences and social stigma of domestic violence allegations.