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What does Maryland require of those on probation?

On Behalf of | Aug 27, 2021 | Parole & Probation

After someone pleads guilty to a crime or gets convicted in court, they face various criminal penalties. Sometimes, instead of incarcerating someone, a judge decides to order probation.

Probation is a form of supervised release that allows someone to live in the community like they did prior to their arrest but with certain special requirements and restrictions. What are some of the common rules for those on probation in Maryland?

The court may try to address the main criminal issue

The Maryland courts often use probation requirements to help address the criminal act that led to someone’s arrest. If the offense was some form of violence or stalking, part of the probation requirements may include not having any contact with the victim. Other times, there may be an obligation to make restitution during probation.

If the charges someone faces have to do with drugs or alcohol, they may have to go through rehabilitation or treatment for their substance abuse. The courts may also require abstinence from drug and alcohol use and random testing to ensure compliance.

Meetings and supervision are also common

Those on probation will typically have to schedule regular meetings with their probation officer. This officer will monitor their progress in meeting the various requirements placed by the court.

Those on probation may have to answer what they consider to be very invasive questions as part of the supervision process, but compliance is necessary to remain out of prison. They may be subject to limitations regarding where they live or what they do, such as rules against going to bars or parties attended by anyone with a criminal record.

Those who violate the terms of their probation may face incarceration and other penalties as a result. Learning more about the criminal justice system in Maryland can help you navigate it when you face criminal charges.