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Maryland man charged with airbag theft

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2021 | Theft & Property Crimes

Police in Maryland recently arrested a man who they believe was involved in a series of multiple airbag thefts from vehicles. The man in question has since been charged with 35 separate counts of theft scheme. He is also facing several additional charges for:

  • Tampering with motor vehicles
  • Motor vehicle theft
  • Other related charges

Police say they discovered 13 stolen airbags

Authorities first located the 30-year-old man when he was behind the wheel of a vehicle that someone had reported as being stolen from another state. Upon further investigation, authorities also apparently uncovered 13 stolen airbags inside the vehicle. They believe that those airbags had all been stolen earlier that same day, and in total were worth approximately $32,500.

According to officials, the defendant may have also been involved in many other instances of stolen airbags. They believe he possibly sold dozens of these allegedly stolen airbags, all of which came from Honda vehicles. Authorities are still trying to track down where and when he might have sold those airbags.

Facing even a single theft charge can lead to significant legal consequences. Facing multiple counts of theft in addition to other charges makes the situation much more serious, and defendants may find that they are at risk for serving jail time or shelling out for hefty fines. This can be an extremely difficult situation, but it is not impossible. Many Maryland defendants find it helpful to take an early, proactive approach to defense planning by first speaking with a knowledgeable attorney.