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Holiday drunk driving arrests down, police still concerned

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2021 | Drunk Driving

The 2020 holiday season may seem like a distant memory, but law enforcement agencies around the nation are just now releasing arrest data for that time period. Montgomery County announced the conclusions drawn by its Holiday Alcohol Task Force, including the number of arrests for drunk driving. The findings paint a concerning picture for not only those who may encounter a drunk driver on the road, but those accused of committing the offense here in Maryland.

No holiday from DUIs

The task force operated for the entire holiday season, beginning on Nov. 18 last year and concluding on Jan. 9 this year. Over the period of eight weeks, police officers on this task force devoted special effort to apprehending intoxicated drivers. They say 262 arrests were made, which is down from the number of DUIs for the same season last year.

County representatives say that while they appreciate those lower numbers, they were hoping that even fewer arrests would be necessary. Understandably, intoxicated drivers are a danger not only to themselves but to anyone else they may encounter on the road. The authorities hope that, in the future, motorists will take advantage of ride share services or designated drivers.

A DUI can devastate a person’s life

Though these types of DUI enforcement task forces are well-intentioned, they may have the unintended consequence of upending an accused person’s entire life. Being convicted of drunk driving can cause a host of problems in a person’s personal and professional lives. Maryland drivers arrested for these charges may want to speak with a criminal defense lawyer who knows how high the stakes may be for them.