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Woman accused of theft of over $20K

On Behalf of | Oct 12, 2020 | Theft & Property Crimes

While it is true that nonviolent crimes are treated differently than one involving violence, these offenses still need to be taken seriously. For those accused of crimes like theft or property damage, the punishments can still be quite severe, with the possibility of long prison sentences, high fines and more. One woman in Maryland stands accused of multiple offenses, including theft, after she was arrested for allegedly stealing a significant amount of money from a victim over a period of several months.

Police claim that the accused woman committed multiple offenses, including theft and fraud. They say that she obtained access to the bank account of her victim, though they have not outlined precisely how she allegedly did so. Over time, the woman reportedly wrote checks from the account to herself and also used the bank cards associated with the account. She is accused of stealing around $21,000 dollars.

Officials have not said precisely what prompted their investigation, nor have they given many details about the victim of the accused. They located and arrested the woman out of state and have charged her with 85 offenses. Her alleged crimes include theft and fraud, which could result in a significant jail sentence if a conviction is ultimately secured.

It is important to remember that the justice system in this country considers every accused person to be innocent unless and until proven guilty. While certain cases may seem as though conviction is inevitable, that is not always true and there may be ways to reduce a person’s sentence. Even so, charges of theft need to be taken seriously and those accused will want to consider working with a skilled criminal defense attorney here in Maryland. It may make all the difference for a person’s future.