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Man facing multiple drug charges after gas station arrest

On Behalf of | Sep 1, 2020 | Drug Charges

Those arrested for drug-related crimes are often judged on that one event in their life. This is unfair, as there are numerous factors that often lead into this type of arrest and there are certainly also cases where someone is falsely accused. Still, those facing drug charges here in Maryland will want to consider just how strongly this may impact their lives. The recent case of one man and his arrest on multiple drug-related charges, for example, could potentially result in a significant jail sentence, fines or probation.

Authorities say the arrest took place on a recent morning at a gas station. Someone apparently called in a report of a motorcycle rider who seemed to be impaired. When police responded, they say they found the suspect with a motorcycle that did not have a license plate. The responding deputy also alleges that he discovered that the motorcycle was unregistered and the man operating it had a suspended license.

The deputy also claims that the man had two warrants out for his arrest and that after a search, he found drug paraphernalia in his possession. Additionally, the suspect allegedly had heroin, cocaine and ecstasy. The deputy arrested him and charged him with multiple drug crimes, including possession of heroin with the intent to distribute. It is unclear whether this is his first arrest for drug charges, as the earlier warrants related to theft cases.

It is often tempting to judge people who have incurred drug charges, but defendants of all kinds are presumed innocent until, and only if, proven guilty in the eyes of the law. Still, charges like this are taken very seriously within the legal system and can result in significant punishment. This is not even to mention the potential for impact on a convicted person’s personal and professional future. Having a strong criminal defense strategy with an experienced attorney may make all the difference for anyone here in Maryland in a similar situation.