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High school teacher pleads guilty to drug charges

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2020 | Drug Charges

People often fail to understand just how large of an impact an arrest and conviction can have on their lives. This remains true no matter what kind of crime is involved, though certain charges may have more of an effect on a specific type of person’s life. Take the recent arrest of a teacher right here in Maryland. Though it remains to be seen just how these drug charges may affect her life, it is very possible that they will impede her ability to be a teacher in the future.

Officials say that the woman accused is a physical education teacher at a local high school. Police conducted an investigation late last year after a report filed with Child Protective Services claimed she tried to obtain pills from a student. They say that the investigation revealed that the teacher reached out to the student using text messages and Snapchat on more than one occasion with the aim of acquiring ADHD medication. Police had the student respond and they apparently recorded a conversation between the two.

The teacher has since been arrested and charged with possession of a controlled dangerous substance and contributing to the condition of a child. She has pleaded guilty to the first charge, but the second was dropped for undisclosed reasons. The woman’s school district did not want to publicly comment on her future employment status, though she has been put on administrative leave.

Though this woman decided that pleading guilty was the right choice for her, for others in a similar situation there may be other options. Being convicted on drug charges here in Maryland can have a significant and negative impact on a person’s choices for future employment, particularly when he or she may have worked with minors in the past. Working with a criminal defense attorney may be an important part of a person’s strategy to preserve that future.