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Drug charges still serious even without violence

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2020 | Uncategorized

Most people know how serious drug-related crimes are considered by the criminal justice system. However, people often assume that if they cooperate with police, courts will be lenient. While a court may take it into consideration, it doesn’t automatically mean that the charges will be dismissed or reduced. Drug charges here in Maryland can affect a person’s entire life even if the person accused was not violent with the police. A recent arrest of a man accused of multiple drug offenses may demonstrate this idea.

Authorities say that they responded to a call at a gas station that requested a welfare check of someone on the property. Officers say that they found a man in a car behind the building. They report that they asked the man to step out of his car, and that upon doing so, he admitted to recently smoking marijuana.

The officers say they searched the man’s vehicle and found marijuana, drug paraphernalia, crack residue and other suspicious items. They also claim they found suspected LSD tabs on the man’s person. They arrested him and charged him with possession not marijuana, and possession of drug paraphernalia. There is no word on whether the man will face any other charges or whether he has any prior offenses.

While reports do not suggest that this man was combative with the police in any way, the charges against him are still serious. If convicted, he could face jail time, fines or probation. He may also see an effect on his personal or professional life. This is why it is imperative for anyone facing drug charges here in Maryland to consider a strategy for criminal defense. An attorney with experience in handling these types of cases can advocate for an accused person and work to minimize the impact that drug charges may have on a person’s life.