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Parole conditions must be taken seriously

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2020 | Parole & Probation

People who are sentenced to prison are usually eligible for parole before the expiration of their incarceration term. The release on parole only occurs when the Parole Board agrees that the person isn’t a danger to society. It is a conditional release because the person must comply with the requirements of the program.

When the individuals on the board are considering whether parole is appropriate or not, they consider a host of factors. These include the circumstances of the crime, the behavior of the person during the incarceration, the plans they have when they are released and what types of programs they participated in while they were in prison.

If a person is released on parole, they will report to a parole officer who will supervise the person throughout their time on the program. This usually involves meetings at the office and checking on the parolee at work or home.

Some of the conditions of parole include staying out of legal trouble, obeying the law, staying away from felons, avoiding alcohol and drugs and similar conditions. Most parolees have to hold down a steady job and must ensure the parole office has their current address.

When a person doesn’t comply with the terms of their parole, they will face a parole violation. This requires them to stand before the court to answer the allegations. Unlike other criminal cases, a parole violation is heard by a judge, not a jury.

Defendants who are facing a parole violation should learn about the options they have for a defense strategy. They are facing possible incarceration and other penalties, so they must consider their actions carefully.