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Probation and parole are 2 different programs

On Behalf of | May 9, 2019 | Parole & Probation

Some people use the terms probation and parole interchangeably; however, these aren’t the same program. There are a few ways that they are the same. The most commonly noticed are that they are both part of the criminal justice system, and they both involve being supervised by a special officer.

A person who is on parole is one who has been released from prison before they have served their entire incarceration sentence. In order to qualify for parole, they have to complete a specific part of their sentence and earn the approval of the parole board.

A person who is on probation is sentenced to this program when they are convicted of a crime. It is usually an alternative to incarceration, but there are some cases in which it a short-term incarceration is combined with probation to develop the person’s sentence.

People who are on these two programs will have to follow specific rules or they can face a violation charge. Compliance with these rules is overseen by the supervising officer. The probationer or parolee may have to take regular drug tests. Sometimes, they might have surprise drug tests. The supervising officer might check on the person at their home or place of employment. The person might be expected to make regular visits to the officer’s office.

If you are facing a probation or parole violation, remember that you aren’t going to get a jury trial. Instead, you will face a judge in a bench trial. This means that you need to have a defense that is based on strong legal concepts.