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Don’t let a night with friends land you with a violation charge

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2019 | Parole & Probation

The summer months are a time when people get together for activities, including ones that will involve adult beverages. While this doesn’t pose a challenge for most people, it can be a difficult situation for anyone who is on parole or probation. These programs usually forbid the participants from consuming alcohol. There is also a chance that even being in a location with those beverages can cause problems.

For people on probation or parole, walking the fine line necessary to remain in compliance with the program is challenging. Any violations of these rules can result in further legal action against the person. Some supervising officers take a harsh stance against any violation, no matter how minor. Other officers understand that mistakes happen and might be more forgiving, but this doesn’t mean that you should chance it.

One thing that might have an impact on the officer’s decision about violations is how you’ve done on the program up to that point. If you have a good relationship with the officer because you’ve always been honest and in compliance, they might be more willing to help you if you slip-up.

We know that you might be frustrated with all the terms of the program, but remember that you won’t have to live in compliance forever. In fact, staying out of trouble can mean that you are off at the time you should be instead of being sentenced to additional time on the program. We can work with you if you do have a slip-up and have to answer to a probation or parole violation charge.