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Theft crimes can impact your career options

On Behalf of | May 4, 2018 | Theft & Property Crimes

Businesses have a duty to protect their assets. This duty might mean that individuals who have been convicted of theft charges might have trouble finding a job. There are several factors that might come into the picture in these cases. It is imperative that you are thinking about all of this as we work on your defense strategy.

One factor that has a big impact is what you were convicted to stealing. If you were stealing narcotics, you shouldn’t try to pursue a career as a pharmacy technician, because the conviction would be prohibitive. Even finding a retail job will likely be difficult with a theft conviction on your record.

Of course, there are some companies, primarily small businesses, that might be willing to give you a try. In these cases, you might find that you start out in an entry-level position and only have limited access to the company’s assets.

Another factor that matters is the time that has elapsed since the conviction. If considerable time elapses and you have had other steady employment during that period, you might not have to work as hard to find a new job if you need a career change.

We understand that this is hard to handle, but your defense strategy can have an effect on the consequences you face. We might be able to work out something with the prosecution that results in a less serious conviction. Of course, this is dependent upon you being willing to do this. Your life is the one that is in the balance in a criminal case, so we want you to take the lead in these situations.