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Finding housing with a felony record is difficult

On Behalf of | Mar 9, 2018 | Parole & Probation

When you have a criminal record, you might realize that it is hard to find housing. If you own your home, you won’t face this difficulty. Renters are the ones who will have trouble with housing. This is because landlords can choose not to rent to people who have criminal convictions on their records.

The decision about whether to rent to a person who has a record is one that is fully up to the landlord. A criminal record isn’t something that is covered under disability or similar laws. There are several things that these individuals might consider when they are trying to decide if they should rent a property to someone who has been involved in the criminal justice system.

They are likely going to consider the type of charge, how long since the conviction occurred and what type of life the person has lived since then. They might also think about the stability of the potential renter, such as how long he or she has had the same job. This one ties into the ability of the renter to pay the rent.

Ultimately, landlords have to balance the need to be fair when it comes to choosing tenants with protecting their investment. If the landlord has multiple units in the area, they don’t need to put others at risk of anything due to having a person with a criminal record living in the property.

As hard as it is for people who have a criminal record to find a place to live, they do need shelter. Some landlords might be willing to give you a chance if you are able to provide valid references that can vouch for you.

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