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Robbery versus armed robbery: One big difference

On Behalf of | Dec 10, 2015 | Theft & Property Crimes

In our previous blog post, we discussed the case of the preacher who is facing criminal charges in connection with his actions involving escorts. If you recall, he is facing criminal charges for armed robbery and a host of other charges. Let’s discuss some of the aspects that are necessary for an armed robbery charge verses a robbery charge.

A robbery occurs when a person takes another person’s property without permission. The act must occur in the victim’s presence and must be done with the intent to steal the item. There must be an element of threat by violence, force or intimidation. The threat can be a very small threat or a considerable threat and can still make the incident fall under the classification of a robbery.

Armed robbery occurs when a person’s belongings are taken from him or her in an incident that involves a weapon. Generally, the weapon can be real or perceived. That means that if a person goes up behind another person and presses an object against the victim’s back and claims it is a gun, the person can face armed robbery charges even if the object was really an umbrella. What matters in this case is that the victim thought the object was a gun and that it was represented as a gun.

If you have been charged with robbery or armed robbery, you need to learn about the options that you have for your defense. These charges come with very serious penalties, so it is best to avoid putting off thinking about your case. Instead, take a firm stance against the charges filed against you.

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