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Several factors affect drug case defense strategies

On Behalf of | Jul 16, 2015 | Drug Charges

The circumstances surrounding drug cases can vary greatly. In our previous blog post, we discussed the case of the fatal heroin sale that led to one person facing criminal charges. If you recall, that case was resolved with a plea agreement. That is only one possible way that a drug case can be resolved.

We know that you value your freedom and don’t want to have to face a lifetime of negative impacts because of a drug charge. We can’t promise you that you will be found not guilty or that you won’t have to deal with some penalties. We can, however, promise you that we will give your case personalized attention from start to finish.

There are several factors that must be considered when dealing with a drug case. The type of charge is one factor. For example, drug possession cases must be handled differently than drug trafficking charges.

Another factor that has to be considered is which court the charges are being filed in. An adult’s charge for drug-related crimes would be a lot different than a juvenile’s charge for drug-related crimes.

The type of drug that is involved in the case is another factor to consider. Controlled substance cases are considerably different than marijuana charges.

Once we look into all the factors of your case, we can help you to learn the options you have for defense strategies. When a suitable strategy has been decided upon, we can work to develop your defense. Then, we can stand firmly by your side and aggressively defend your rights until your case is resolved.