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Sisters allegedly fight, 1 now faces domestic violence charges

On Behalf of | Aug 1, 2014 | Domestic Violence

When most people hear the term domestic violence, they often think of a spouse who is abusing another spouse. That, however, is a misconception because in Maryland, being married isn’t necessary to face a domestic violence charge. A recent case between sisters highlights this point.

Two sisters got into an altercation in Easton. One of the sisters is facing criminal charges for domestic assault. It is alleged that she injured her sister during an argument. The woman was released on her own recognizance after being taken into custody and having to face the district court commissioner.

This case between sisters might have some readers wondering about what falls under the domestic violence category. According to the Maryland Courts, domestic violence is any act that occurs between household or family members that involves assault, bodily harm, threat of bodily harm, attempted rape, rape, false imprisonment, kidnapping or stalking.

It is important that anyone who is facing complaints of domestic violence or domestic assault know his or her rights. The penalties for these types of charges can be severe. On top of criminal proceedings that could lead to a conviction that land you having to pay fines or sit in jail, domestic violence charges can also significantly alter the family unit.

There is a chance that anyone who is convicted or accused of domestic violence might end up having a civil peace order or order of protection issued against them. This would prevent them from having contact with the accusing victim. This is yet another reason why people who are accused of domestic violence should make sure they understand their rights.

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