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Man and many others face drug charges for cross-country operation

On Behalf of | Jul 18, 2014 | Drug Charges

In a country that is supposed to be free, some might find it shocking that there is still such a focus being placed on people who sell drugs to adults who want to experience their effects. Recently, at least 16 people have been charged in connection with an interstate narcotics trafficking scheme. The main person netted in the sting was a 46-year-old man. This case might interest readers in Maryland since seven of the accused people are facing drug charges in the U.S. District Court in Maryland.

The operation was said to be a cross-country drug ring that was getting heroin to various locations around the country. The main person netted in the sting is accused of bringing shipments of multiple kilograms of the drug into Baltimore. With an average wholesale price of around $60,000 per kilogram of heroin in the Baltimore region, it is easy to see that this man was pushing serious weight.

The man admitted to the scheme after he was arrested, according to authorities. He is being held in federal custody. His former attorney says he liked the man and that he has good qualities.

The investigation into the man is said to go back as far as 2012 when the Drug Enforcement Agency was looking at the man in New Orleans. In Baltimore, the man’s name is said to have been tied to local drug dealing last year. Via wiretaps, authorities reportedly confirmed the man was coordinating shipments of drugs. He reportedly used heart emoticons to indicate how many kilograms should be shipped via text messages.

Despite his alleged admission of guilt, this man still has the right to go through the criminal justice system. Knowing his rights can help him along the way.

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