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Search and seizure results in 3 arrests

On Behalf of | Jan 9, 2014 | Drug Charges

Three Maryland residents were charged with a variety of drug and weapons-related offenses after law enforcement agencies worked together in a search and seizure in late December that reportedly netted $9,000 in cash, firearms and $50,000 worth of drugs. The Washington County Narcotics Task Force reported that the material seized included suspected heroin weighing about 188 grams as well as suspected meth weighing about 95 grams. The three individuals taken into custody included a 22-year-old woman and two men, 26 and 28. One of the men was held without bond; the other man and the woman were held on a bond of $50,000.

Reports indicate that an informant contacted one of the men to conduct a drug deal, which resulted in his being apprehended by authorities. Although handcuffed, the man fled briefly but was restrained within a short time. As he escaped, he fell and was transported to a medical facility for treatment. He faces drug charges including five counts of possession of drugs, two counts of drug sales, possession of drug paraphernalia and needles, possession of marijuana, creating a nuisance and escaping authorities. After he was detained, authorities conducted a warranted home search.

Sources say that authorities confiscated two stolen handguns as well as rifles and shotguns. As a result of the search, the woman faces multiple charges including charges of three counts to sell narcotics, possession of a controlled dangerous substance, possession of a firearm and theft. Authorities say that the second man faces charges of possession of narcotics for sale and possession of a controlled substance.

In addition to serious criminal consequences, drug convictions can prevent people from obtaining employment or a place to live. A criminal defense attorney might be able to help clients negotiate a plea agreement to lessen the possible penalties to reduce negative consequences on making a living.

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