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Man accused of possession of 10-inch knife

On Behalf of | Aug 7, 2013 | Drug Charges

A 26-year-old Maryland man was taken into custody by law enforcement personnel after reportedly attempting to escape from the deputy who was trying to detain him on Aug. 1. In addition to facing drug charges, the Edgewood man was allegedly wearing a bulletproof vest and concealed a 10-inch dagger on his person with a 5.5-inch blade, according to official paperwork. He also faces charges for assault and resisting arrest. Court documents indicated he was freed on $7,500 bond later that day.

When a law enforcement officer stopped the man’s car for expired registration tags, he could allegedly smell marijuana coming from the vehicle. He asked for reinforcements along with a canine. The passenger in the vehicle, the 26-year-old, then allegedly fled the scene along the roadway as authorities followed him, and authorities say he tossed out a bag that was later found to hold pot and continued fleeing the scene. An officer finally caught him near a motel. No further information was available on the driver or other vehicle passengers.

The man, a convicted felon, is on probation for a drug sales offense stemming from an incident in December 2010. He reportedly admitted to authorities that he took the vest from his dad, who works as a security guard. However, the Commonwealth prohibits anyone with a conviction for drug sales to possess a bulletproof vest.

When someone is taken into custody for drugs and could be possibly convicted, he or she could face serious penalties, especially if his or her jurisdiction enforces mandatory sentencing. These penalties could be further enhanced if the person has a prior criminal record, especially for drug-related offenses. A criminal defense attorney might be able to negotiate a plea agreement for clients in order to reduce their penalties.

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