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Four arrested on drug charges in Anne Arundel County

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2012 | Drug Charges

Four people in Glen Burnie, Maryland, were arrested this week and charged with several drug-related crimes after police allegedly found drugs valued at thousands of dollars inside a home. The four men, ages 18 to 33, are facing the drug charges over the alleged discovery of marijuana as well as marijuana plants.

According to police, the drugs that were recovered had a value of nearly $6,000. They also seized a car, reported to be a Chevy Impala, and what was described as drug paraphernalia. Each of the four people were charged with possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia while one of the men was also charged with possession of hashish and possession with intent to deliver hashish.

Authorities had a search warrant, but it is not clear what led them to get the warrant in the first place or what kind of activity had been observed at the home to warrant such a step being taken.

Drug possession, even for a first-time offender, is a crime taken very seriously in Maryland. In a case like this where people were found in a home with drugs, it may be that everyone present was charged with a crime regardless of whether or not they were actively involved in any illegal activity.

Anybody who is involved in a case like this is likely to want to consult with a drug crimes defense attorney. Between mandatory minimum sentences and a lifelong stigma for having a drug conviction on one’s record, a drug crimes defendant will soon realize that an experienced attorney can be an ally in court proceedings.

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