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Maryland men accused of sawing up light pole

On Behalf of | Jul 9, 2012 | Theft & Property Crimes

Maryland State Police arrested two individuals for attempting to steal a light pole. The men were arrested in Glen Burnie, which is about forty miles east of Rockville.

The light pole was located on Interstate 695. The two men were allegedly using a power inverter hooked up to their truck, and this inverter was supposedly powering an electrical saw used in cutting up the light pole. The two men have been arrested for theft and malicious destruction of property.

Apparently, pieces of the light pole were lying on the ground next to the truck. A portion of the pole valued at around $1,700 was reportedly being loaded into the truck at the time the two men were arrested.

If the incident as reported by the police is true, one has to wonder what the two individuals were planning on doing with the light pole, or how they expected to get away with what they were doing. Again, if the story was true, it’s more than likely the two individuals were not giving the matter much thought whatsoever.

Sometimes such individuals do something on a dare. Often there are questions about these individuals state of mind. At other times, such people are inebriated and may be dealing with chemical dependency issues.

Obviously, such individuals are badly in need of good advice and counsel – preferably from an attorney that knows how to defend theft-related crimes. Individuals often do foolish things without thinking about the consequences. Attorneys will defend such individuals not only to minimize the criminal penalties they may face, but also to prevent this one instance from not allowing such people to get on with their lives and be allowed to make more intelligent choices.

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