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Man apparently falsely charged of domestic violence

On Behalf of | Jul 23, 2012 | Domestic Violence

In a neighboring state of Maryland, the mother of a 9-year old son allegedly accused the father of the boy of domestic violence. It now appears that such allegations were false.

The assistant prosecutor in the case was quoted as saying that “significant evidence” was provided to show that evidence tampering may have resulted in the man’s arrest. The woman may also have lied under oath when the accusation of domestic violence was made.

It’s difficult to know for certain what the woman’s motive was in making such a presumably false accusation, but her and the father of her child were for a number of years involved in a struggle over which parent was to gain custody of their child. The father had custody of the child at the time that the allegations of domestic violence were made against him.

Unfortunately, uncorroborated testimony is often used by prosecutors to arrest and charge various individuals. In all such matters, the presumption needs to be made that such claims are inaccurate until other evidence is raised that supports the allegations. Criminal defense attorneys will fight to make certain that any testimony used to charge an individual with a crime was not solely made with the idea of retaliating against that other individual.

Individuals charged with allegations of domestic violence may face serious criminal penalties. More importantly, such individuals will essentially have their lives ruined just by such allegations being raised. Here, the man charged with domestic violence was unable to visit his son for close to two months. If it had not been discovered that the man was falsely accused, he may never have been able to regain custody of his child again.

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