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Maryland police officer commits suicide when pulled over for DUI

On Behalf of | May 7, 2012 | Drunk Driving

There is now a stigma that goes along with being arrested for drunk driving. Being pulled over for a DUI could lead to large fines and significant jail time. However, because such arrests are often publicized in local newspapers before there has even been a determination of guilt or innocence, those individuals arrested often face public embarrassment and the possible breakup of their family as well.

A 30-year old Maryland police officer who had been placed on administrative leave during this past year committed suicide after being pulled over for a suspected DUI. Little is known as to the circumstances leading up to the arrest or why the officer was on administrative leave at the time that the arrest was made. Apparently he was pulled over for speeding which ultimately led to the suspicion that he was driving while under the influence.

Now and then a suspect is pulled over for a drinking related offense only to be discovered that his or her entire personal life is in disarray. A lawyer’s job when retained by such individuals is more than simply defending them in a criminal matter. Often such lawyers will provide their clients a roadmap as to how to improve their circumstances that will hopefully prevent them from getting into the same kind of trouble again.

Sadly, the young man mentioned above did not give anyone a chance to help him out. It’s highly likely that this individual was a troubled human being rather than a mean-spirited person. What people like him badly need are advice and someone to listen to them.

Source: The Washington Times, “MoCo officer commits suicide after being stopped for DUI,” by Andrea Noble, April 9, 2012