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Two drivers impaired in fatal Maryland crash?

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2012 | Drunk Driving

A recent fatal Maryland accident demonstrates the difficulties when it comes to trying drunk driving‘ cases. Finding exactly what occurred will be extremely complex as it is alleged that both drivers involved in the crash were labeled as being drunk.

One driver involved in the crash was 55-years old and driving a BMW convertible. The other driver was 19-years old and allegedly driving a Chrysler Sebring the wrong way down an eastbound lane. The two drivers and two passengers, each 18-years of age, were also killed in the accident. Without question, extensive investigation will have to be conducted before anyone can come close to making an accurate determination as to how this accident occurred and how fault could be attributed.

Though the perception is that all DUI type cases are cut and dry and that finding the culpable party is not a difficult task, coming to an accurate conclusion as to what occurred is by no means an easy chore. For one, toxicology reports can vary depending on a variety of circumstances including when and where the tests were conducted. And simply because the blood alcohol limit was exceeded does not automatically mean that impaired driving was the reason for the crash.

In the above accident, toxicology reports showed that we had two drivers whose blood alcohol was above the legal limit. Though it is alleged that one driver was heading the wrong way on the road in which the crash occurred, we may never know whether this occurred due to impairment or due to confusion are the part of the driver.

Because such circumstances need to be thoroughly investigated is why we have attorneys representing parties and defendants in such lawsuits. The reason why this is so essential is so that we can establish all of the reasons why such crashes occurred and not just focus on a single explanation that may not explain everything that occurred.

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