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Seeking Maximum Compensation After a Motor Vehicle Accident

Many of us have been in a car accident one time or another. In most cases, this means a fender-bender and a headache. For others, it is a life-changing ordeal. Serious injuries that result from a motor vehicle accident can put a halt on someone’s life. The time it takes to recover, the time away from work and the pause in moving forward with your life — you experience all these things because someone was negligent on the road.

Injured car accident victims should be careful not to concede too quickly and take whatever their insurance company agrees to cover. Sometimes the fast way is not the best way. This is not to say hiring an experienced attorney is not an efficient process. What really makes the difference is a hands-on personal injury lawyer in Maryland — not a legal assistant but the person who actually talks to his clients.

Hands-On Personal Injury Counsel After a Serious Car Crash

At the father-son team of the Law Offices of Elling & Elling, we pride ourselves in our extreme commitment to our clients. Every one of our clients is cared for personally by one of two seasoned attorneys. With over five decades of combined experience, we have the skills to seek maximum compensation for our auto accident clients.

Our law firm handles all types of automobile accidents in Maryland. These include:

  • Car Accidents Such as Head-On-Collisions, Distracted/Negligent Driving Wrecks, Side-Swipes, Rear-Ends, T-Bone Collisions and More
  • Semi, Tractor-Trailer, 18-Wheeler and Other Large Vehicle Accidents
  • Commercial Vehicles Such as Buses, Delivery Trucks and Vans
  • Motorcycle, SUV Rollovers and Pickup-Truck Accidents

These are just some of the many types of motor vehicle accidents for which our team of attorneys can help victims seek full and fair compensation. In addition to seeking damages, our lawyers are focused on helping our clients get the specific medical care they need.

Damages, DOV and PIP Claims

In many serious car accident cases, there is what is called a “total loss.” But in other cases when it is not deemed a total loss, there are certain routes toward seeking damages that include:

  • Bodily Injury Claim
  • PIP Claim
  • DOV (Diminution of Value) Claim

PIP claims are for accident victims who have the proper insurance coverage. A DOV (Diminution of Value) claim first depends entirely on eligibility. If we can determine that you are eligible, then we can seek this additional DOV claim. What is unique about this type of claim is that it takes into account the decreased value of your car after it has been fixed. This is something that many attorneys may not take into account or even know about. We do.

No-Risk Phone Call

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