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Looking for a Child Support or Alimony Attorney?

An unfair child support or spousal support settlement could harm you, your lifestyle and your children for years to come. An experienced attorney can help make sure that your rights are respected and that you receive the most beneficial child or spousal support arrangement possible.

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Child Support in Maryland

Every child has the right to receive child support, and every parent who does not have primary physical custody of the children has an obligation to contribute toward the support of their children. In Maryland child support is usually determined by the Maryland Child Support Guidelines. Your child support settlement will be calculated only after taking a number of factors into account, like the income of each parent, the custody and visitation arrangement, and any unique expenses that may relate to your situation.

Alimony in Maryland

It is rare that the spouse with the higher income can avoid paying some form of spousal support. Alimony payments are determined based on the nonpaying spouse’s ability to be wholly or partly self-supporting, the income disparity between the two spouses, the length of the marriage, the reason the marriage failed, the standard of living that the parties established during the marriage, the contributions, monetary and nonmonetary, each spouse made to the well-being of the family, and other relevant factors.

Enforcement and Modification

Child support and spousal support payments can both be modified at any time following the initial order or divorce decree, but only if there has been a material or significant change in the circumstances of either party. A material or significant change can involve a change in income, a change in expenses or a change in the custody and visitation order. The enforcement of an order is usually necessary when the paying spouse refuses to pay alimony or child support as ordered by the court.

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