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3 mistakes to avoid when charged with domestic violence

On Behalf of | Mar 4, 2023 | Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a serious offense. It is defined as an actual or a threat of physical, sexual or psychological harm to an intimate partner or a family member. A domestic violence charge carries significant penalties.

If you are facing this situation, here is what to avoid:

1. Reaching out to them

You may be tempted to reach out to the involved party to get more information about what’s going on or explain your side of the story. However, this is not wise, as everything you say can be used against you. Thus, even though it’s challenging, you should avoid contacting them through calling, texting or physically vising them. It may also help to limit or avoid contact when the case is final.

2. Violating the restraining order

If the involved party has a restraining order against you, violating it can worsen matters. You should also not ask other people to reach out to them on your behalf. Nor should you engage them on social media in any way. Even a “like” on a post could put you in violation of the court’s orders.

3. Not fighting a false accusation

Some people lie about domestic violence for different reasons, including revenge and to get leverage on a case, such as a child custody one. You are aware that this is a false allegation, and the court will work to prove so. However, since domestic violence is sensitive, you may need to build a strong case to prove your innocence.

Ignoring a false accusation, and believing it will go away can cost you. The chances of being convicted of this crime, even without physical evidence, are high. You should find the best defense strategies and employ them sooner.

Fighting a domestic violence charge can be challenging if you make the mistakes discussed above. You should get professional guidance to make the right moves.