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Dealing with a warrant for your arrest

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2023 | Theft & Property Crimes

Have you discovered the police have a warrant for your arrest? Are you unsure what to do?

It can be overwhelming to know the police have an arrest warrant for you and even if you are innocent, there is no guarantee the court will believe you. Even if you prove your innocence, the entire criminal process can interrupt your life in many ways. 

You may think the only option you have is to run – but that only causes more issues. The police will not forget about your warrant, and you will eventually be found. If you run, it may result in additional criminal charges, too. Instead of running, try to stay calm and use the tips here to handle an arrest warrant

Handling the warrant requires a careful approach

Preparing for what is to come may help. Seeking legal guidance in these situations is recommended since you are likely unfamiliar with the process of having a warrant dropped or how to get bail posted so you do not get taken into custody. 

If you attempt to do these things alone, the police will arrest you when you show up. Once you are in jail, it is challenging to get out. If your plans do not work out, you can use the time before you turn yourself in to prepare your employer, family and friends for the situation. You can also sometimes use your legal counsel to arrange to turn yourself in with a minimum of publicity, which can also be important. 

Some people want to ignore an arrest warrant and hope it will go away. This is not a good strategy. Instead, knowing your legal rights will help you deal with the situation and avoid other consequences.