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Can drug court or diversion program involvement help your case?

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2023 | Drug Charges

Drug crimes like selling (distributing) cocaine and other controlled substances are heavily prosecuted in Maryland. Upon conviction, defendants can face up to 20 years in prison, depending on the type and amount of the illegal substance.

Avoiding a conviction is the top goal of anyone charged with a serious offense. In the case of drug crimes, it may be possible to avoid typical drug conviction consequences by participating in a treatment or intervention program.

Montgomery County drug court

In adult drug court, those charged with a drug offense volunteer to participate, usually by entering an agreement with the prosecutor. Completing the program can keep you out of jail, but more importantly, it helps you address and overcome substance abuse or addiction problems.

Participants must:

  • Attend recovery meetings
  • Live in court-approved residences
  • Meet regularly with case managers
  • Undergo substance abuse treatment
  • Appear frequently for status hearings

It may take more than 20 months to complete and graduate from the program, but you will have a clean slate and a bright future to create.

To participate in adult drug court, you must be a non-violent Maryland resident assessed with a substance use disorder. Programs like these give drug offenders the necessary time to address the root of their problems and help them avoid backsliding.

Seek clarity to find solutions

Those charged with drug crimes have several options to explore. In addition to drug court, you can also fight against the charges. The point? Do not rule out any possible solution when aiming for that bright future mentioned above. Seek clarity from a criminal defense professional to uncover your ideal solution.