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Why would someone fabricate domestic violence allegations? 

On Behalf of | Oct 24, 2022 | Domestic Violence

You respect the law and have never received so much as a traffic ticket. Thus, it comes as a devastating shock when you’re informed that allegations of domestic violence have been made against you. 

You know for a fact that you have been either physically or emotionally abusive. So, what’s the basis for these accusations? 

Were you in a toxic relationship? 

Things didn’t end well with your former partner. The two of you argued all the time, and although nothing violent ever happened, it was not a good environment for either of you to be in. You made the decision to walk away, which was upsetting but ultimately the right thing to do. 

Unfortunately, your ex doesn’t view things the same way. In the heat of the moment, they wanted to make you pay somehow. They called the police and said that you attacked them. The police took this seriously and charges were pressed. Even if your ex calms down and wants to drop the charges, it just isn’t that simple once false allegations have been made. 

Are you in the middle of a custody case? 

In custody cases, the family court will look at the best interests of the child and the parental ability of both spouses. Ideally, they’ll want both parents to work as a team. Your ex is not interested in this and wants you out of the picture. They’ve tried to portray you as a danger to them and the child by lodging a domestic violence complaint.

Facing allegations of domestic violence is very serious, but if the claims are fabricated, then you do have a chance to clear your name. Having experienced legal guidance on your side will give you the best possible chance of doing this.