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Why plea deals get offered – and why some people take them

On Behalf of | Oct 3, 2022 | Theft & Property Crimes

Many criminal cases don’t ever go through the trial process. Instead, they’re resolved through a plea deal. While this is very common, it’s something that the defendants should carefully consider as they’re trying to decide how to handle their defense. 

A plea deal is an agreement with the prosecutor. In exchange for you pleading guilty or no contest to specific charges, they will do certain things. This can include having you plead guilty to a lesser charge or agreeing to a specific sentence. 

Why would the court consider plea deals?

Court dockets are often backed up. Being able to resolve a case without having to go through the trial process can free up space on that docket. This allows the court to resolve more cases and helps prosecutors to put resources where they’re needed. Since plea deals do provide punishment for a crime, courts tend to allow them unless they’re unreasonable. 

Why would defendants consider plea deals?

Defendants have some sort of control over what happens in the resolution of their case. They can also have it resolved faster than if they went to trial. Only defendants who did the crime should consider a plea deal. Once you accept a plea deal in court, you will have to deal with the terms. Plea bargains have terms involved, such as the removal of your right to appeal the outcome of the case. 

Exploring the options you have for your defense strategy is a crucial part of planning. Make sure you consider each one and how it can impact your future. Working with someone who knows the system may help you to determine your course of action.