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Accused of domestic violence? Here are costly mistakes to avoid

On Behalf of | Jul 18, 2022 | Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a serious offense. Even if you have been falsely accused, a domestic violence charge can lead to fines and jail time if you are convicted. Additionally, it can ruin other aspects of your life like your career, reputation and relationship with the people who care about you.

If you are accused of any crime, including domestic violence, it helps to appreciate that your actions, can impact the outcome of your case. If you are charged with domestic violence in Maryland, these tips can help you avoid costly mistakes that could compound your legal woes.

Discussing your case with anyone other than your legal counsel

When you are charged with domestic violence, you might feel the urge to come clean and give your side of the story. Perhaps, your spouse is just “blowing things out of proportion.”  Or, they are acting out of malice. A conversation between you and your legal counsel is protected by client-attorney privilege. However, the same cannot be said for the conversations you might have with family, friends and/or colleagues at work.

Discussing the matter online

When you are charged with domestic violence, it is in your best interest that you keep the matter away from social media. The less you talk about your case online, the better. Remember, what you post online can be used against you during your trial. Never discuss the charges you are facing, threaten or attempt to blackmail your accuser. You are better off preserving any evidence you might have for the trial.

Contacting your accuser

If you are charged with domestic violence, chances are a restraining or no-contact order against you. It is important that you take this order very seriously. Violating an existing no-contact order might result in additional charges. Do not contact your accuser either directly or through a third party. And if you have to contact them, be sure to do so in the presence of your attorney.

Being accused of domestic violence is something you need to take seriously. Find out how you can defend yourself and safeguard your rights when facing domestic violence charges.