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What happens when someone calls the police over a fight?

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2022 | Firm News

Even if your marriage is generally positive, you and your spouse may go through some difficult times or occasionally have intense disagreements. A wild or loud fight will not cause any lasting problems for your family on its own, at least so long as your neighbors don’t call the police.

Once Maryland law enforcement officers have to come out and analyze the situation, there’s a risk of either spouse facing arrest and possibly criminal charges. How do Maryland police officers handle domestic violence calls? 

They look for signs of violence and injury

It is common for those involved in a domestic violence scenario to be uncooperative when the police arrive. They will not speak up for themselves or ask for help. Therefore, officers have to operate very carefully when investigating domestic violence calls.

Frequently, they will look for signs of obvious physical injury in both people. They will ask questions of everyone present and check the situation for signs of aggression, like holes punched in walls and broken bottles. Depending on the circumstances, officers may arrest one of the people involved. Other times, they may simply tell someone to leave for the night or give the people involved in the argument a warning.

If they do make an arrest, everything from what the people say to what they saw in the house could become part of the case against the accused partner. It is often difficult, if not impossible, for the other person involved in the case to prevent the state from prosecuting if the police believe they have grounds to make an arrest.

Understanding how Maryland handles domestic violence charges can help those dealing with accusations or a recent arrest.