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Domestic violence isn’t always physical

On Behalf of | Feb 9, 2022 | Domestic Violence

When people hear about domestic violence, they may automatically picture a victim who has bruises and other injuries. It’s true that physical domestic violence is usually the easiest to spot, but it’s not the only type of domestic violence that can occur between a couple.

It’s sometimes possible that some of these other forms of domestic violence may come into the picture in a criminal case. These include:

Sexual abuse

Physical abuse isn’t limited only to the alleged abuser putting their hands on the victim. It can include things like the victim being forced to take drugs or being coerced into using or not using contraception. In some cases, this type of abuse occurs in conjunction with sexual abuse, such as being forced to perform sexual acts or having an abortion. 

Psychological and emotional abuse

Both of these types of abuse have to do with the mental state of the victim. They’re sometimes associated with controlling behaviors, such as keeping a person away from loved ones and friends or threatening them with violence if they leave the home. 

Financial abuse

In this form of domestic violence, the alleged abuser will use money to get the victim to do their bidding. It’s usually combined with other forms of domestic violence, such as physical abuse. This type of domestic violence is sometimes hard for a victim to prove. 

Anyone who’s facing criminal charges for domestic violence should learn about their options for addressing the case. Your defense strategy depends on the circumstances involved, which includes what types of domestic violence is being brought up by the alleged victim. 

Working with someone who fully understands the charges is beneficial. They can explain your options so you can make an informed decision about the defense strategy you want to employ.