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What items are drug paraphernalia in Maryland?

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2022 | Drug Charges

The possession of certain drugs prohibited or controlled by state and federal law can lead to criminal charges. When police officers find someone with illegal drugs, they will usually seize those drugs and arrest the person. 

If police officers also find tools used for drug-related activity, they could also take those tools into state custody as evidence. In fact, police officers finding drug paraphernalia on an individual could lead to misdemeanor charges even if they don’t find drugs at the same time. 

What kinds of items could lead to paraphernalia charges under Maryland state law? 

Tools used for drugs other than marijuana can lead to charges

The alleged purpose of the tool determines whether you will get in trouble for possessing it. Maryland state law specifically states that the tools used to store, process or consume marijuana are not included in the prohibition on paraphernalia. 

Tools for any other prohibited drug may lead to charges. A syringe used for injectable medication could lead to an arrest. So could straws or other tools used to inhale drugs. Even scales and packaging could lead to paraphernalia charges if there is drug residue on them, or police can connect them to the use of a prohibited substance. 

While a paraphernalia charge is a misdemeanor, it can lead to some significant consequences, including fines and possible incarceration. A paraphernalia charge could also impact how the courts handle other charges that you face. 

Understanding the Maryland rules regarding drug charges and any related offenses can help someone recently arrested by the police work out what to do next.