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Tips for a successful parole

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2022 | Parole & Probation

When a loved one gets out of prison on parole, they’ll be released under supervision. This means that they need to report to a parole officer periodically. They’ll also have to comply with other terms for the program.

While there are certain conditions that are present for everyone on parole, it’s also possible to have some case-specific conditions. Understanding what applies to your loved one’s case can make it easier to help them. Here are some that may apply:

They need to get a job

Parolees usually need to get and hold a job. There are sometimes exceptions for this, but the parole officer may add other conditions to the case. The person who’s on parole must ensure that they’re complying with workplace rules, so they don’t get terminated.

They must stay off drugs and alcohol

Using drugs or consuming alcohol is usually prohibited for people on parole. They may have to do random drug tests to show that they’re clean. In some cases, the parole office will call them in for the sole purpose of testing.

They have to stay out of legal trouble

Having a new legal case come up can lead to a parole violation. In order to remain on parole and be successful, they must ensure they aren’t doing anything illegal.

If your loved one is on parole, they will need support from you and other family members. It’s possible that they’ll split and do something that violates parole. This is handled within the court system, so they’ll need to have someone on their side who’s familiar with parole violation cases. There’s a chance that the person could be sent back to prison if it’s found that they did violate their parole.