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Auto-brewery syndrome could lead to an unfair DUI

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2021 | Drunk Driving

Have you ever felt unlike yourself and a bit drunk when you haven’t had anything to drink at all? Some people struggle with a condition called auto-brewery syndrome. This is a condition also known as gut fermentation syndrome and is a rare disorder that causes the signs of alcohol intoxication without drinking any at all.

This unusual syndrome happens when yeast trapped in the small intestine begins to ferment and turn sugars into alcohol. This leads to actual drunkenness, even though you haven’t specifically had alcohol to drink. In one Japanese study, it was found that patients with this condition had unusual liver enzymes that made it difficult to remove alcohol from their bodies.

Yeast is normal, but not when it intoxicates you

It is normal to have yeast in your intestines, but when the infection is combined with the unusual liver enzyme and a high-carbohydrate diet, there is a potential for auto-brewery syndrome to occur. The sugars break down too slowly, fermenting into alcohol that enters the bloodstream and intoxicates the individual.

If you have this syndrome or believe that it could be what affected your ability to drive safely, then that’s something to look into with your medical provider. This is a real condition that affects a number of people around the world, and it could be the reason for someone claiming they had nothing to drink and yet being highly intoxicated.

If you believe a medical condition contributed to signs of impairment prior to a DUI arrest, get to know your rights. You may have a strong defense against the charges.