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What is domestic violence and what can be done to stop it?

On Behalf of | Aug 5, 2021 | Domestic Violence

Domestic violence may be terrifying for the victim. The partner who acts violently against their family member may do so as a way of controlling them. Domestic violence can involve physical force, emotional abuse or sexual assaults.

A charge of domestic violence may cause immediate upheaval in the family. The person who has been accused may find their job is in danger. They may not be able to return to their home.

A charge of domestic violence may lead to a forced family separation

In Maryland, someone who has been accused of domestic violence may be required to leave the home, at least temporarily. Until the police complete their investigation and update the lawyers for both family members, the family member who has been accused of harming their family member may not be allowed to go back home. Going further, the family member whom they are accused of assaulting may not want them to go back home.

No matter the circumstances, the person who has been accused of violence against their family member needs legal representation.

What kind of charges does the defendant face?

Cases of domestic violence may result in two types of charges against the person. The first is civil, where they may be court-ordered to stay away from the person they are accused of assaulting. If the two share children, they may not be allowed to see them, except under strict conditions.

The second charge may be a criminal charge, with the person being charged with assault. This may result in the person being convicted of a crime.

What is domestic violence?

“Domestic violence” is any behavior that is intended to scare, control or cause physical harm to a family member. In a relationship with domestic violence, the balance of power is unequal. Domestic violence may involve emotional abuse, sexual assault, insults or threats of harm. The victim may begin to experience emotional or mental issues.