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How you act is critical if accused of domestic violence

On Behalf of | Jul 1, 2021 | Domestic Violence

When someone makes an accusation of domestic violence, most people will assume they have a good reason. If someone accuses you, the authorities, even friends and family, may believe there is truth to the matter and look to confirm their suspicions.

How you act in the aftermath of a domestic violence accusation could affect your chances of mounting a successful defense. Everyone will have their eyes on you, from the police who come to investigate to people you know who may be called to testify on your character.

Think before you act when accused of domestic violence

Let’s imagine you discover your partner has called the police and accused you of domestic violence. You may be confused, upset and annoyed. Yet, you need to stay calm. If the police arrive and find you in a wound-up state, they will tell the court. It will act as evidence of your alleged violent nature. Here are a few more things to avoid:

  • Avoid venting on social media: You may feel like telling the world how upset you are or how stupid you think your spouse is for reporting you to the police. Yet, they may use it as evidence that you intimidate them or mistreat them.
  • Avoid contacting your accuser: A judge may ban you from contacting your partner or even their friends or family for a set amount of time. Even if they do not, it is best not to risk your position. If your ex accuses you of phoning and threatening them, it will be easier to dismiss the allegation if the phone record shows there was no phone call.

You can quickly worsen your situation when accused of domestic violence if you are not careful. Ensure you have someone with the necessary knowledge to guide you and defend you.