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How victims end up accused of domestic violence

On Behalf of | Jul 23, 2021 | Domestic Violence

If you’re in an abusive relationship, imagine that you decide to end it by calling the police during a domestic incident. Ten minutes later, two officers are at your door, and you let them in, happy someone is on your side. 

However, your partner then blames you for the incident and says that you were the actual abuser. They point to injuries they say you caused, which you either did not cause or only caused while trying to defend yourself. Unfortunately, the police believe your partner and you end up getting arrested. 

Could this really happen?

Something like this sounds far-fetched in some ways, but it is actually a common problem. For instance, one woman said she wouldn’t call the police again; she had called them due to abuse from her husband, but he simply blamed her when they arrived, and they arrested her instead — despite her claims and her injuries. 

Remember, the officers who respond do not know you and they have no idea what happened. They have to try to piece it all together in minutes, and they may be on edge and worried about their own safety. If your partner is willing to lie and can do so convincingly, it is fully possible that the officers could believe them and arrest you to protect them — even though you’re the one who really needs protection. 

Additionally, there are cases where officers simply arrest both individuals. They may not be able to determine what happened and just decide to let the court sort everything out after the fact. 

Defending yourself from false accusations

If you’re facing serious accusations of domestic violence, you’re likely worried about what it means for your future. You need to know what criminal defense options you have.