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Should I challenge a drunk driving charge?

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2021 | Drunk Driving

If the police stop you and give you a drunk driving ticket, they are hoping you will not complicate their life by challenging it. Yet failing to do so will make your life far more complicated.

Many people never bother to defend themselves when charged with driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while impaired (DWI). Some decide they cannot afford to, others they do not have the time to, and others that they have no chance of winning. Yet, all three assumptions are dangerously wrong. 

What are the consequences of a drunk driving charge?

The potential consequences of a DUI or DWI could include a combination of a license suspension, a fine, license points, increased insurance premiums, ignition interlock devices and time in jail. Repeat offenses could make things worse.

Once you understand the risk of not defending a drunk driving ticket, you can rephrase the questions:

  • Can you afford not to defend a drunk driving charge? Can you pay the fine and increased auto insurance? Can you find another way to earn a living if losing your license costs you your job?
  • Can you afford the time a conviction would cost you? You cannot work or look after your children if you are in jail. How much extra time will everything take if you need to take the bus or walk instead of using your car?
  • What have you got to lose by contesting the charge? Many people overturn charges. Even if you do not win outright and have a charge dismissed, you may be able to get it downgraded or minimize the consequences.


If Maryland police have charged you with a DWI or DUI, it is crucial to look at all defense options. You only have one chance to defend a charge, so make sure you use it to avoid one incident disrupting the rest of your life.