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Maryland man accused of multiple drug crimes

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2021 | Drug Charges

Maryland police recently arrested a man who they believe was engaged in the distribution of illegal substances. He is facing several criminal allegations, including charges related to both gun and drug crimes. These types of charges can have a profound impact on one’s future, and police have since said that they expect they will make additional arrests related to this case.

Police find drugs during search

While investigating allegations related to suspected firearm and drug activity, authorities secured a search warrant for a residence. They executed this warrant at approximately 2 p.m. on March 11, 2020. Although there were multiple people inside the residence at the time, police apparently only arrested the 34-year-old man in question.

While conducting the search of the home, police uncovered various allegedly illegal items with the help of K-9 units. The items were apparently largely related to drug activity, such as empty pill capsules and at least one digital scale. Other items seized from the residence included:

  • Pill capsules with suspected fentanyl and heroin
  • Suspected cocaine
  • Multiple firearms
  • Various drug paraphernalia
  • A significant amount of cash

Maryland state law treats drug crimes very seriously. A conviction for a drug-related charge could mean having to pay hefty fines and spending years behind bars. A defendant in this situation may feel understandably worried about the future, but may find it helpful to prepare a thorough criminal defense against such allegations. This process often begins with a thorough examination of all charges and evidence, often alongside an experienced attorney.