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Accused of domestic violence? Here’s what you should know

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2021 | Domestic Violence

Being accused of a crime or civil offense can disrupt your life in a significant way. When your charges involve allegations of domestic violence, you will likely experience repercussions in your personal life very quickly. This is especially true if you are a parent, as you might temporarily lose access to your home and even your children. 

Criminal vs. civil charges 

In Maryland, domestic violence charges can fall into one of two categories — either criminal or civil. Criminal charges for domestic violence generally involve allegations of assault. It is the criminal charges and not civil that can lead to jail time and show up on your criminal record, which might make finding and keeping a job harder. 

If you are facing a civil domestic violence charge, you may receive a temporary order of protection that prevents you from going near the alleged victim. Depending on your living arrangements and whether you have children, this could mean that you: 

  • Cannot return home 
  • Will have a temporary child custody arrangement 
  • Must pay temporary child support 

Domestic violence allegations can be particularly complex, and a conviction could impact the rest of your life. You might even be disqualified from certain jobs or educational opportunities. It is common for defendants to face both criminal and civil charges at the same time, too. Since there is so much on the line, it is best to not leave things up to chance. You can learn more about domestic violence charges, Maryland criminal law and how to seek out the best possible help by visiting our website.