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Man facing several theft charges for multiple car break-ins

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2021 | Theft & Property Crimes

People facing misdemeanor charges often assume that any punishment they receive won’t be serious. Whether that is the case or not, a criminal record of any kind has the potential to irreparably damage a person’s future, impacting him or her both professionally and personally. One man here in Maryland could be facing this exact fate after his arrest for theft and other charges in connection with numerous car break-ins. 

A local crime spree? 

Authorities say that the numerous thefts began late last year and carried into January. All of the thefts involved break-ins of vehicles where various items were stolen. Police say that the victim of one of the break-ins reported that his bicycle, a few knives and a couple of pairs of shoes were taken. Officials used security footage from residences and businesses near the crime scenes to identify a suspect.  

Officers interviewed the suspect by phone more than once, where he reportedly denied any involvement in the thefts. Police say that they used their collected evidence to obtain a search warrant of the residence of their suspect. They claim that the search produced numerous items that had allegedly been stolen in the multiple thefts. The suspect was arrested and charged with numerous counts of theft as well as several counts of rogue and vagabond for the car break-ins. 

Theft charges should be taken seriously 

Though the charges this accused person faces are all misdemeanors, that doesn’t mean that a conviction wouldn’t seriously change his life. People found guilty of theft and property crimes often face high fines, jail time and probation. This type of criminal record may also inhibit one’s ability to obtain and maintain employment. Those in Maryland charged with theft may want to work with a criminal defense attorney in order to have the best chance at a favorable outcome.