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Thrift store helps survivors of domestic violence

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2021 | Domestic Violence

For people in an abusive relationship, it takes not only courage to leave, but often financial resources. Victims of domestic violence in Maryland don’t always have access to the money necessary to forge a life without their abuser, especially because perpetrators often make their victims financially dependent upon them. However, one business owner, who is also a survivor of domestic violence, wants to change all that with her new thrift store. She says that the majority of her store’s proceeds will benefit other survivors of domestic violence.

Like any thrift store, it accepts donations of all sorts of goods, including furniture, clothing and toys for children. The owner says she will give 80% of proceeds to survivors of domestic violence. They often need assistance with basic expenses, such as food and housing, and may have difficulty affording other vital needs, like therapy that may help them transition to a new life.

The store owner says that her own survival story was the motivation for her store’s mission. She says that she left her abuser, moving with her four children and a small number of possessions. She says it was difficult for her to provide for herself and her family, but she persevered and now wants other survivors to have an easier time than she did. At the end of the month, she intends to host a giveaway of free goods at her store for those in need.

Survivors of domestic violence deserve every chance in the world to build a new life, free from abuse and mistreatment. For those here in Maryland considering leaving an abusive relationship, there are legal resources that may assist with that purpose. An attorney who understands both sides of this critical issue may help survivors file for an order of protection or handle other legal needs that can help survivors start anew.