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Man arrested and charged with armed robbery, theft and more

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2021 | Theft & Property Crimes

When people commit crimes, it can be tempting for society to pass harsh and negative judgment upon them. However, there is often more to a person’s story than the mistakes he or she may have made, or been accused of making. Still, the reality is that a criminal record can have a negative impact upon a person’s life, even if people are willing to look past the conviction. A recent arrest in connection with an armed robbery here in Maryland could have that exact outcome, once the suspect faces the court for armed robbery and theft charges.

Authorities claim that the robbery happened in December last year late in the evening. A man sitting in his vehicle in a parking lot of a convenience store reported that he was robbed by a person with a gun. He said that the suspect came up to his vehicle and put what the victim believed was a gun to the back of his head. The victim said that he handed over his wallet, containing cards and cash. The robbery was reported to police shortly thereafter.

A police investigation began, using video footage and a photo of the suspect’s vehicle. Those efforts led them to a 30-year-old man that they subsequently arrested after obtaining a warrant. The suspect is facing numerous charges, including armed robbery, first degree assault and theft.

Although the case against this man may seem open and shut, the justice system in this country does not work that way. No matter what crime a person stands accused of committing, he or she is entitled to a competent and thorough criminal defense. Anyone in Maryland looking for this type of support may want to consult a criminal defense attorney who has experience handling charges of theft and robbery with the aim of fair treatment from the judicial system.