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Drunk driving punished more harshly in Montgomery County

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2021 | Drunk Driving

There are some areas of Maryland where people may mistakenly believe that being arrested for DUI is not a big deal. However, a recent analysis conducted by local media found that punishment for a drunk driving conviction can vary widely across the state. Critics fear that this discrepancy may have a negative outcome for everyone involved.

According to the analysis, Prince George County is less likely to sentence a person to time in jail for a DUI conviction. Concerned citizens say they fear that less severe punishments may make people more likely to engage in intoxicated driving. The study looked at DUI arrests on one state route from the beginning of 2019 through Aug. 2020. It found that just one defendant was sentence to jail upon conviction out of 75 arrests.

What is concerning is that other neighboring counties, including Montgomery County, are more likely to order severe punishment for a convicted offender. The study found that when looking at just 60 DUI arrests in Montgomery County, over one-third culminated in a jail sentence. The data also suggested that other counties were much stricter in punishing DUI convictions.

Location should not be a factor in whether a person has an improved chance to rebuild his or her life after a drunk driving conviction. Being arrested for DUI can have serious implications for a person’s future, potentially impacting employment options, the ability to obtain credit and more. No matter where a DUI arrest occurs, people have every right to defend against these types of charges and a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney can assist with that aim.