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Why stalking is a form of domestic violence

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2020 | Domestic Violence

Though many people know of heard of stalking and know what it involves, they may be unaware of its connection to domestic violence. However, this form of intimidation is often used by people as a means of controlling their former partner or making them fearful. In Maryland, the judicial system considers stalking a very serious form of domestic violence, so accusations may have significant consequences in a person’s life. Here is an overview of stalking and how it relates to domestic violence.

Stalking is repeatedly approaching or pursuing a person with the intent of making that person fearful, or knowing that such action may cause that feeling. People may associate it with someone who stalks a celebrity, but a common form of stalking happens when someone pursues a former romantic interest. This is known as simple obsessional, meaning that the victim knows the person doing the stalking.

When domestic violence takes the form of stalking, it could include repeated behavior such as phone calls, following someone, showing up where he or she lives or works, destroying the victim’s property and more. Different jurisdictions may have different laws around this criminal act, but the common thread is the malicious intent behind these actions. No matter where a person resides, it is a crime that victims have every right to report. Filing for an order of protection may be the best course of action.

Those who believe they may be victims of stalking or any kind of domestic violence may want to involve an attorney. A Maryland attorney can help both victims and those accused of stalking determine what options may be open to them. Involving the court system may be the best solution to ensure that the claim is given fair consideration and that safety is made the priority.